Residential Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

B&E offers complete residential landscape services, from original design to weed pulling. We can put the finishing touch on your unique lawn and garden setting, as well as provide regular maintenance to keep your investment looking beautiful as plants grow.

As a premium Residential Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Company, we offer these services, and more:

Site Preparation/Grading

Annual Plantings/Seasonal Color


Weed Control

Leaf Removal




Lawn Mowing

Lawn Fertilization Treatment Applications

Pest Control

Snow Plowing

Hardscape Design and Install

Commercial Landscaping

Residential Landscaping

Why Invest in Home Lawn and Landscape Services?

Residential Lawn and Landscape ServicesFor most of us, our home is our largest, single investment. Home landscaping can increase value, improve and enhance appearance, and provide a beautiful, natural setting that you, your family and friends will enjoy for many years.

B&E has been in the irrigation business for many years and part of that business is knowing lawns and landscapes to determine water usage, flow, need, etc. That makes the lawn and landscaping business very close to the irrigation business and has turned out to be the perfect fit. It is a business that we have simply had to “step” into to get the same results in service and install as we have built throughout the years.


With professional installation and/or maintenance of your plants, trees and grasses you ensure their longevity through proper planting, placement, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and general care. We have the overall knowledge to make your landscape bloom.

Residential Landscape Design and Installation

We will work closely with your landscape architect (or you) to install your landscaping just as you have dreamed. We also maintain relationships with a number of area landscape architects and can recommend one if you need us to. Whether you have an existing plan, or need inspiration and a qualified landscape architect, we can work with you at any stage of development.

When you add services to an existing line of business you have to be very careful not to upset the premium service you are known for. That is why when we acquired the lawn and landscaping business we decided from the start that if we could not do it as good or better than irrigation we would not continue it. We are happy to report that we have continued to grow the lawn and landscaping side of our business and maintain the same quality and attention to service that B&E is known for.

We invite you to give us a call and let us show you that we continue to be the best company to handle your lawn, landscaping or irrigation needs in and around the Greater Nashville area.

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